Why do we recommend this experience?

Because the scenery and features throughout the day are incredibly beautiful…

  • Your journey will cross over the Cordillera de los Andes and through bridges, tunnels and the ancient route of the Trasandino train.
  • You will walk along trails of the Aconcagua Provincial Park with imposing views of the "Colossus of America."
  • A complete box lunch will be included.
  • Small groups are recommended so that you can have maximum contact with the guide and so that you can always have a window seat available to appreciate the landscape.


We know that entering the Andes Mountain Range, knowing its stories from the past and walking along the paths of Cerro Aconcagua (the highest pick in America) is not an everyday activity. It is a unique experience and that is why we want you to live it in the best way: with us.

This tour was designed for you to enjoy the unforgettable landscapes of the mountain and know the great stories that marked these paths, taking the time to really get in touch with all its corners and discover the best kept secrets.

We do not want your trip to be just a photo from the route ... but a real EXPERIENCE! We want you to be involved in an exchange with the guide from his wanderings in the mountain, offering information of fauna, flora and speaking about anything that interests you. We want you to feel what it is like to be at a height of 2,800 meters above sea level, which means walking there with the breeze and the fresh air, which comes from the Sentinel de Piedra, the "Aconcagua", which rises to 6,962 meters above the level of sea.

The Experience starts at 8 in the morning when our guide picks up the passengers from their respective hotels. One of the characteristics of this experience is that we leave with groups of up to 12 people looking to guarantee the departures with small groups. With this distribution, each person can have a window seat available to them so that their journey is more comfortable and scenic.

Ruta nº7

Once we complete the pick-up from each hotel, we will head southwest on National Route N° 7 until we reach Potrerillos around 9:30 am. There, we will be able to enjoy the wonderful view of the majestic Cordón del Plata, the main water source of Mendoza and the picturesque Dique Potrerillos. After this, we will continue along this beautiful road contemplating the unforgettable landscape, passing tunnels and bridges, accompanied in great part of the way by the old railway. We will visit Uspallata and Penitentes until we reach Aconcagua Provincial Park. There, we will obtain the corresponding permits to make a walk of about an hour that will allow us to experience the most illustrious parts of the highest peak in America.

We will then visit the Laguna de Horcones and Laguna Espejo. After this, we will pass through a system of vegas, protected in the provincial park by the wealth of flora and fauna that lodges among her species of little birds such as little players, gulls and the wirefio. Las vegas also protects the Andean toad that live in these waters for their purity and clarity.

There is another animal that is characterized by flying at high altitudes and if we are lucky, will accompany us on the mountain road. The famous Andean condor, which can travel a distance of 200 km per day effortlessly managing its energy and flight by the currents of the air.

Laguna Horcones

Remember that we are ecofriendly, which means that within the practices we have, we seek to take care of the environment. All the papers and waste that we bring will need to be collected and brought back to the city. We respect the paths when walking through the park and we prohibit anyone from bothering the fauna in their habitat. Thank you in anticipation for your collaboration!!!

Continuing with the experience, we will travel in the van a few kilometers back to Mendoza and arrive at "Puente del Inca". This stop will lasts about 30 minutes. It is an icon inside the route to Chile, since it is characterized to represent the history of the Inca Civilization and their legends. It was supposed to be known and frequented by this culture in order to take advantage of its waters with healing properties. In 1925, the Hotel Puente del Inca was built, which for its time was a real luxury. It was attended by the most important people. Its fame, precisely, is due mainly to its hot springs. There are constructions to the side and under the bridge with small pools where the thermal water flows. After surviving several climatic threats, which had previously been discontinued, the hotel was destroyed by the devastating avalanche of 1965; but its ruins are visited by thousands of tourists every year, being the typical postcard of the high mountain... without a doubt, this is a must see destination in our Aconcagua Experience!!

Cerro Aconcagua

At noon, and as in any tours in the mountains, it is essential to recharge and have a nice lunch, so we will make one last stop to enjoy a full boxed lunch.

Around 4:30 p.m. we will return to Mendoza. You’ll truly feel that your day ends with a lot of images of the beautiful landscapes in your head and new experiences to tell your family and friends. At 6:00 p.m. we will return every passenger to their hotel and wait for the next tour!!


The weather in the mountains during the summer is usually very warm. However in Mendoza, it is about 40° C but in the mountain it is usually around about 25° C, making it a more pleasant climate. Similarly, it is important to be ready to take shelter in case of cold wind. It is always recommended in this season to wear a cap and sunglasses because the sun in this area is stronger and may further affect ones sight in the sunlight. It rarely rains in the mountains during this time but you always have to be prepared when you go to the mountain.

In the winter, the temperature drops a few degrees, making the weather much colder and often presenting rainfalls, mostly in the form of snow. It may fall to 0°C, which would make it even colder at a higher altitude. For this climate, it is essential to have warm clothes, waterproof shoes, warm jacket and warm pants. It is always advisable to go to the mountain with a dress type "onion layers"... that way when we start to get warmer, we can remove unnecessary items of clothing.

Recommended Equipment
The recommended equipment is optional, but we will add what we consider indispensable (Marked with **).
  • Backpack for carrying personal items
  • Cap **
  • Sunglasses **
  • Sunscreen (minimum SPF 30) **
  • Buff (neck, ear and head protector)
  • Trekking shoes (In winter **)
  • Long or short trekking pants
  • Long or short sleeve t-shirt
  • Windbreaker Jacket **
  • Water bottle **

What's Included
  • Bus for 18 people (maximum capacity in the tour: 12 people)
  • Bilingual guide that will accompany you throughout the trip

What does not include
  • Entrance to the Aconcagua Provincial Park.

Scheduled Departure Season 2016/2017 - Aconcagua Experience - 1 Day
Days Season
Monday, Thursday & Saturday All year
In private: everyday All year