Why to visit Aconcagua?

We invite you to discover a beautiful landscape located in the Andes Mountain Range, which is so important for not only for us Mendocinians but also for people from all over the world who come to this range in search of great feats.

For our native people, Aconcagua was a symbol of a guardian and a hieratic pyramid. For the Incas, it was a very sacred mountain where a mummy was found in the pyramid in 1985 by Mendocinian mountaineers. The mummy was a 7 year old boy who still had his hair. He was buried by the Incas as an offering to their gods at a height of 5,300 m.a.s.l. Buried with him were the toys he played with and some other belongings.

Momia Inca, Cerro Aconcagua

On the other hand, Aconcagua is very important because it is considered the highest peak of the American Continent. It is within the "Seven Summits" (seven highest peaks of each continent) and is usually a part of most professional mountaineer’s itinerary.

Cerro Aconcagua, is a place of uncommon stories and great gestures of courage and heroism. In this demanding environment, man shows himself as he is and exposes all the feelings throughout his journey. Most peaks in the USA and Europe do not reach the height of Aconcagua. This factor psychologically affects the climbers while they are trying to scale it. This is why the peak is highly respected by all those who want to climb it.

This park mainly looks to conserve and care for the environment. This is the reason why it has strict policies when it comes to the waste produced by the mountaineers and of the companies in surrounding areas. Each company also has mules that are cared for throughout the tourist seasons.

Momia Inca, Cerro Aconcagua

The park is a natural, attractive destination for all types of people including families and couples who want to visit the lagoons and the Vegas Horcones, for trekkers who can climb the summits anywhere from a day to three to approach the highest camps such as Confluencia at 3,400 m.a.s.l and for climbers who want to reach the top of the pick.

This peak offers different options to enjoy and is great for all ages. For those who visit Mendoza, Aconcagua is highly recommended.